SOHAR East is a sizable land at SOHAR Port, situated with access to cool water and also close to the Petrochemical, Logistics and Food clusters. Since prime plots of land with access to deep water is rare in the GCC, SOHAR seeks to lease the land out to potential investors and businesses to partner up with.


Unique features

The waterfront location is situated in close proximity to cool water and the industrial clusters. With a sizable land area of over 750,000 sqm, it is ideal for companies in the logistics and metal sectors. The integrated Port and Freezone complex, provides easy connection between the two, further enhancing convenience for tenants.

Potential industries

  • Iron And Steel
  • Aggregates
  • Cement
  • Minerals
  • Ship Repair
  • Food
  • Supply Vessels Base
  • LCL Consolidation


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Dimitri van Eekelen
Commercial Manager

Haitham Al Tamimi
Senior Commercial Officer